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About us

Legal Compass is a digital forum for young professionals to come together and share their legal expertise with the world. The aim of this website and its members is to encourage creativity as the legal profession is an ever-expanding field of science. As the yearn to learn never stops, the ultimate goal of this platform is to be a hub for everyone who aspires to keep up with the fast pace of the world.

The blog is run by a team of editors, who review and manage the blog. The broader team consists of our permanent contributors (shown below) and guest writers who pen the content of our pages.  

Panayiotis Vassilas

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Niovi Plemmenou

Niovi is an EU/Greek lawyer. She holds an LLM (University of Aberdeen in Intellectual Property Law and an LLB (DUTH). She previously has worked as a trainee lawyer at the legal department of an established broadcasting network while in Greece (Star Channel).

Konstantina Kalaitsoglou

Konstantina is a Teaching Fellow and the University of Aberdeen and a future trainee solicitor. She holds an LLM in International Commercial Law with Distinction and a First Class LLB degree, both from the University of Aberdeen. 

Suzanne William Mollel

Suzane William Mollel is a Lawyer and recently graduated with a master’s degree in International Trade law with Treaty Negotiation and Professional Skills (LLM) at the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland UK. She has worked as a legal adviser with the Tanzania women lawyers association  (TAWLA), providing free legal aid to women and children. 

Maedeh Bahari 

Maedeh has completed her bachelor degree in law at Shahid Beheshti University (the National University of Iran) and recently graduated with an LLM in International Trade Law with Treaty Negotiation from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, UK.

Romy Peschl

Romy is currently completing a Master’s Degree in International Law at the Graduate Institute Geneva in Switzerland. She previously completed the European Legal Studies LLB at the University of Kent in the UK. She is particularly interested in human rights law, environmental law and refugee law.

Sara Snakenbroek Bellieni

Sara studied Law (LLB with Honours) at the University of Kent, Canterbury. She graduated in 2020 with a first class degree. She then went on to study an LLM in Transnational Law at King’s College London. She is particularly interested in human rights and migration issues. Since late 2021, Sara has started a career in a London legal aid firm where she hopes to qualify as a solicitor. 

Stephanie Stephenson

Stephanie is a third-year law student at Northumbria University. She currently volunteers in a school, supporting Maths and English GCSE students and Criminology A level students as she is looking into both law and teaching as her potential career routes. Stephanie currently writes articles on Civil Dispute resolution and Family Law for Legal Compass.

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