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The legal sector is a hard nut to crack, and that's not because of the complex Laws we study. The problem has a name - the legal bottleneck.


According to data from the Law Societies of England, Wales and Scotland, UK universities produced 21,000 new law graduates in 2019, which comes in stark contrast to the only 6,5 thousand training contracts registered in the same year. Factor in the recent pandemic's effects and the numbers are way further apart.


At Legal Compass, we decided to take matters in our hands. Our platform is run by entry-level law students and graduates and helps members to develop skills and expand their network to stand out from the gruelling competition. Our high-calibre legal blog is authored by the members, and is twice peer-reviewed. We are committed to not turning away anyone willing to put in the work. We are working closely with an experienced career coach, Gwyn Day, who hosts events through our platform and offers application advice.

If you are a student or graduate looking to get into the legal sector, we hope that at Legal Compass you will find a place to be part of something creative and inspiring. Then again, if you’ve come across Legal Compass at a later stage in your career and think you could help us, please do get in touch.


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