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Sepehr Nematollahi

Sepehr holds a Bachelor & Master's in Engineering. He then got straight As in his Master's in Data Science. Sepehr is currently working as a junior data scientist in HR and is here to answer all your questions about technology and its effects on markets.  

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What is the ATS? How can I improve the chances of my CV being picked up?

The ATS initially classifies the content of resumes and searches for specific keywords which are related to the job position. The ATS system not only matches the keywords of your CV to the desired keywords of the employer but also extracts education records, job experience, duration, skills, etc., from online resources. In general, its task is to rank the candidates, wipeout the least-qualified ones and pass the rest to the recruiter for the final decision. To be a survivor from the wipeout, you need to write your resume in an ATS-friendly format and use as many keywords as possible. Showcasing your skills and experience effectively "throughout" your resume - not only in the skill section will also increase your chances. If you are unsure how to identify possible keywords, a good place to start is the job description which is usually packed with skills and qualities the employer is looking for in successful candidates.