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Hi, I'm Gwyn Day. I am a former Head Trader, Member of Mensa, Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and Trainer of Trainer in NeuroLinguistics.  I have over 20 years of coaching students into the world’s top universities and then onto the most competitive Graduate roles in Law, Banking and Finance and Consultancy. Having built and delivered multiple Early Careers’ Skills programmes for top U.K. schools (Elton, Rugby et al), multiple successful workshops and presentations with Bright Network, Commercial Awareness webinars with The Oxford Guild and massive success with OxBridge and Ivy candidates in India in 

partnership with Rostrum Education he continues to work 1 to 1 with selected candidates with specific academic or career goals. Legal Compass is my newest partnership where I will be publishing hints, hacks and ‘how to’ advice for ambitious students looking to build a career in law in the U.K., including blog, prerecorded videos and live-streamed events.

How is Gwyn helping LC members?

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# 1 Creating videos with advice on applications, interviews, the capital markets and all you should know about them. Scroll down to watch. 

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# 2 Career blog. All of our career development pages receive Gwyn's special care. That is how we ensure you get the best advice available out there.

# 3 Webinars. In each webinar, Gwyn is analysing the latest business events an aspiring solicitor should be aware of and gives application advice. 

# 4 Discussion groups. Each month, we hold limited-space meet-ups with Gwyn, where you can ask him anything - from advice on your CV to your prospective interview. 

Why should you listen to Gwyn? Our members say...

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